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Membership Terms and Conditions
Article 1. Purpose
These terms and conditions of service (hereinafter referred to as “Terms and Conditions”) are websites provided by Radix Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “Company”). (hereinafter referred to as “Site”) In relation to the service, the terms of use of the service between the company and users (or members), conditions and procedures for subscription, rights, obligations, responsibilities, and other basic matters between the company and members. The purpose is to specify the necessary matters in detail.
Article 2. Definition of Terms
The definitions of terms used in these terms and conditions are as follows, and terms that are not defined are as stipulated in related laws and service-specific guidance.
  • 1. Member: Refers to a user who has access to the service, agrees to these terms and conditions, and who has been issued an ID and password after completing membership registration.
  • 2. Member information: This refers to the information of the user who the company requests to be entered in the application form when registering as a member.
  • 3. ID: Refers to a combination of letters or letters and numbers selected by the member and assigned by the company for member identification and member service use.
  • 4. Password: A combination of letters and numbers selected by the member for the member's member information and safe service use.
  • 5. Payment: It refers to the act of paying a certain amount by using the means provided by the member to use the services provided by the company.
  • 6. Post: Refers to text, sound, video, image, file, etc. posted or registered by the company on the service.
  • 7. Points: As a type of Internet prepaid electronic money for purchasing items on the site, subscribing to posts, and other paid services, members pay after selecting each payment method provided on the site , and electronic money provided according to the amount of payment. Means.
  • 8. Referrer Points: 5% of the payment amount will be provided to the referrer (ID) entered when purchasing points.
  • 9. Bonus: Refers to all amounts accumulated through methods other than paid payment. Bonus points are given an expiration date according to the type of accrual and may be automatically expired on the expiration date.
Article 3. Effect and Change of Terms and Conditions
  • 1. These Terms and Conditions become effective by posting them through the service on the site or by notifying the members in other ways.
  • 2. The Company may revise these Terms and Conditions within the scope of not violating related laws such as the Act on the Regulation of Terms and Conditions, the Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, etc., and the Act on Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization and Information Protection.
  • 3. The company takes measures to allow members to print or download these terms and conditions at any time.
  • 4. When revising the terms and conditions, the Company shall specify the reason for the amendment and the date of application, and notify the current terms and conditions from 10 days before the effective date (30 days for changes in matters that are unfavorable to the user) until the day before the date of application. Do it.
  • 5. The Company notifies or notifies that the member does not express his or her intention to refuse during the period specified in Paragraph 4 , but if the member does not expressly express his or her intention to reject, the member shall refer to the revised terms and conditions. I see you agree.
  • 6. If the member does not agree to the changed terms and conditions, the member may stop using the service and terminate the use contract.
  • 7. The member shall pay attention to the change of the terms and conditions, and the company is not responsible for any damages to the members due to the site of the changed terms and conditions.
Article 4. Rules Other Than the Terms and Conditions
For matters not specified in these terms and conditions, it is subject to the relevant laws and regulations, individual terms and conditions of service set by the company, detailed usage guidelines and rules.
Article 5. Establishment of Use Contract
  • 1. Service contracts using customer "agree" to the terms and "Privacy Policy" to select it, and then fill in the application form established by the company applying for the use of services, payments using payment is established upon.
  • 2. When the user selects “I agree” in the preceding paragraph and fills out the application form, they must be familiar with these terms and conditions and the “Privacy Policy”, and various policies operated by the company for the use of the service (eg, copyright We agree to comply with the policy, detailed service usage guidelines) and notices from time to time.
  • 3. The company does not request unnecessary personal information other than the minimum information necessary for the service (linkage information (CI), duplicate subscription confirmation information (DI), ID, password, e-mail).
Article 6. Site Promotion (hereinafter “Referral System”)
The Referral system is a service that provides 5% of the point purchase amount to the referrer (ID).
1. The benefits provided to the recommender are as follows.
  • 1) Referral Points Payment (Payment points can be changed according to the operating policy).
  • 2) The accumulated referral points can be used within the site.
  • 3) The referrer or member can present his/her points to other members.
2. Depending on the contents of each of the following subparagraphs, the company may place restrictions on use for recommenders and registered members.
  • 1) Points will not be provided and accumulated if you do not complete mobile phone SNS, i-PIN or written authentication to prevent duplicate subscriptions.
  • 2) Points are not provided and accumulated when a member with a history of registration re-registers.
Article 7. Modification of Member Information
Members must correct the member information without delay if the member information entered in the application form is changed while using the service . Members are responsible for all responsibility arising from not modifying member information.
Article 8. Provision and Change of Service
1. The site provides the following services to members.
  • 1) Video lectures.
  • 2) Books.
  • 3) Materials.
  • 4) Information or articles related to dental treatment.
  • 5) Any other services to be developed in-house or provided to members through cooperation agreements with other companies.
2. The company notifies members of the contents and provision date of services to be opened or changed in a manner determined by the company.
Article 9. Service Hours
  • 1. The company starts the service when the member's application for use is approved.
  • 2. If the service cannot be started due to a business or technical obstacle of the company, it will be notified to the service or to the member.
  • 3. The use of the service is in principle 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, the service may be suspended during the period determined by the company due to system inspection, expansion, replacement, or breakdown, and in this case, the company notifies it in advance or afterwards.
Article 10. Change and Suspension of Service
1. If there is a significant reason to change the service (including individual services), the Company may notify the member of the contents of the service to be changed and the date of provision 7 days in advance through a notice and change the service.
2. The company may limit or suspend all or part of the service if it falls under any of the following reasons.
In this case, the company will notify the reason for the restriction or suspension. However, if it is due to reasons beyond the company's control, it will be notified afterwards.
  • 1) If the member's obligations are not fulfilled.
  • 2) In case of distributing computer virus programs that cause malfunction of information and communication facilities or information destruction.
  • 3) In case of infringement of the intellectual property rights of the company or speaker.
  • 4) When there is a public request for correction from related organizations such as the Information Communication Ethics Committee.
  • 5) Violation of all regulations or terms of use set by other companies, including these terms and conditions, or In case of violation of other related laws.
Article 11. Prohibition and Blocking of Unauthorized Use
1. The company considers the following cases to be fraudulent use.
  • When simultaneous access occurs on 3 or more PCs with the same ID.
  • When using the service on three or more PCs, mobile devices, or IPs with the same ID.
  • Selling, lending, and transferring services such as one's ID and courses to others, and advertising them.
  • When using the service, running a duplicate program, or attempting to record or record.
2. The company may take measures in accordance with the following subparagraphs when an illegal user is found in accordance with the preceding paragraph.
  • [At the time of first detection] -Alerts through e-mail, message, and pop-up window .
  • [At the time of second detection]-It warns in the same way as in the previous issue and stops the use of the service at the same time. At this time, if the “ Recurrence Prevention Agreement·Guarantee ” is served to the company by attaching a copy of the resident registration that can identify the person, the suspension of service use will be lifted.
  • [At the time of third detection] - e-mail, notes, pop-up or a wired and wireless , and stop notices of violation and services through three primary information was given vocation period of 30 days, if there is no valid reason to force the withdrawal process.
3. Members cannot request an extension of the service use period due to the measures stated in Item 2 of the preceding paragraph.
4. If the member has objection to the measures of this Article 2 by the company , he or she may explain the fact to the customer center support team or the illegal use management center, and the member proves that there was no intention or negligence of the member. The company extends the period of use by the period of suspension of service provision.
5. Identification method and blocking of illegal use.
The company categorizes and verifies the use of illegal use through the server based on data such as IP information collected and confirmed during the member's service use.
The company forcibly blocks access to the service if the user runs a duplicate program while using the service or connects with the same ID at the same time.on.
Article 12. Copyright
1. The copyright of all contents provided by the company belongs to the company.
2. Members shall not infringe on the copyright of the company by recording, copying, editing, displaying, transmitting, distributing, selling, broadcasting, and performing information obtained by using the service provided by the company without prior consent of the company.
Article 13. Purchase/Payment/Refund of Points on the Site
1. You can purchase points to be used in the services provided by our company through each of the following items.
  • 1) Credit card.
  • 2) Account transfer.
  • 3) Other payment methods provided on site.
2. Payment cancellation and refund.
  • 1) Members may request cancellation of payment (subscription withdrawal) from the company within 7 days from the date of payment, provided that the member has not used the paid service or product at all.
  • 2) A member applies for withdrawal of subscription after the period (within 7 days from the payment date) for withdrawal of subscription for paid services or products for which subscription withdrawal is possible, Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, etc., Content Industry Promotion Act , In the case of content that falls under the reasons for restriction of withdrawal of subscription as stipulated in other related laws such as online digital content user protection guidelines, subscription withdrawal is restricted.
  • 3) Payment cancellation and refund will take effect when a member expresses his or her intention to the company by phone or e-mail and reaches the company, and the company informs the member without delay after receiving the member's indication of intent.
  • 4) The company deducts and refunds the amount purchased by the member by applying a predetermined standard rate applied by the company within a reasonable range , taking into account the profits obtained through the service or product, such as the number of actual content subscriptions and the period used by the member.
  • 5) When the company refunds to the member , all or part of the payment is refunded in the same way as the payment for the use price. However, if a refund is not possible in the same way, it will be immediately notified to the member and refunded at the member's option.
  • 6) The company does not bear the duty of refund for services for which the member does not pay the cost directly , such as receiving a paid service or product as a gift or acquiring it for free or free through promotions, etc.
  • 7) If a member finds a content abnormality while using the company's service , he or she can receive a refund based on the standard applied by the company within a reasonable range.

    However, in the case of a malfunction due to a member's mistake or error, refund is not possible.
Article 14. Withdrawal of Subscription
  • 1. Subscription can be withdrawn within 7 days from the date of receipt of goods such as textbooks. However, if the contents of the goods are different from the contents displayed or advertised by the company or are performed differently from the contents of the contract, within 3 months from the date of receipt of the goods, etc., 30 days from the date of knowing or knowing the facts. You can withdraw your subscription within the next few days.
  • 2. When a member cancels the subscription for goods, he/she must return the goods supplied to the company, and the company refunds the payment already received within 3 business days from the date the goods are returned.
  • 3. If the goods are partially consumed when withdrawing the subscription, the amount is deducted and refunded, and the member is responsible for the expenses necessary for the return.
  • 4. Member withdrawal of subscription is restricted in the following cases.
    When the goods are lost or damaged due to the member's responsibility. However, the case where the packaging, etc. is damaged in order to check the contents of the goods, etc. is excluded.
    When the value of goods, etc., has significantly decreased due to the member's use or partial consumption.
    When the value of the goods has decreased significantly over time, making it difficult to sell again, if the packaging of reproducible goods, etc. is damaged.
Article 15. Cyber ​​Money
  • 1. Cyber ​​money paid to members by the company for free can be used without a limitation on the expiration date and no refunds are provided. More information about this can be found on the company website.
  • 2. If there is an error in the contents of cyber money purchase and accumulation, or if all or part of it has been deleted, the member may file an objection with the company. The company checks the details according to the member's objection and then notifies the member of the result, and if the objection is justified, it immediately takes measures such as restoration of cyber money.
  • 3. If the company terminates the cyber money service for business or technical reasons, it notifies the member at least 30 days in advance, and can compensate the member according to the pre-determined compensation method for cyber money that has not been used within this period.
Article 16. Refund of Faulty Charges
  • 1. If a member pays an excessive amount in payment of tuition and fees, the company will refund the excessive amount in the same way as for payment. However, if it is impossible to refund the overcharge in the same way, it will be notified immediately and refunded in the method chosen by the member.
  • 2. In the event of a fault due to the company's responsibility, the company will refund the full amount of the fault regardless of the contract cost or commission.
    However, if an overcharge occurs due to the member's responsibility, the company may deduct and refund the cost required to refund the overcharge within a reasonable range.
Article 17. Procedures for Handling User Complaints
  • 1. You can make a request to the company such as "Error in using service (server failure)","Payment related","Improvements".
  • 2. User complaints can be filed through the “1:1 inquiry” or “e-mail”.
  • 3. The company handles user complaints as quickly as possible and responds to the results.
Article 18. Compensation for Damages for Service Defects, etc
  • 1. The Company may limit or suspend all or part of the service if there is an unavoidable reason, such as stopping the service in the event of an "exhibition, incident, natural disaster" or equivalent national emergency, or if there is a risk of occurrence.
  • 2. The company notifies and informs all users of the reason, the limitation period, and the scheduled date and time, etc. in the case of "restriction of service use".
  • 3. If the company terminates the service for business or technical reasons, it notifies the member at least 30 days in advance, and compensates the user according to the pre-determined compensation method.
  • 1) In the event of service suspension or failure, the company will notify the member in advance within 24 hours from the time of service suspension or failure. However, if the service is stopped or a failure occurs due to the member's responsible reason, it is not included in the service stoppage or failure time.
  • 2) In the event that the company notifies in advance of the suspension or failure of the service, the member's damage relief, etc., shall be based on the following items.
    However, when checking and repairing facilities for the purpose of improving service, up to 24 hours per month are not included in the time of suspension or failure.
    If the service interruption or failure time exceeds 10 hours based on one month : Extend the use period free of charge for 10 hours and twice the amount of time exceeding it.
    If the service suspension/disability time does not exceed 10 hours per month : Free extension of the time corresponding to the suspension/disability time.
  • 3) In the event that the company does not notify in advance of the suspension or failure of the service, the member's damage relief, etc., shall be based on the following subparagraphs.

    If you have one stop service for months, failure cumulative time exceeds 72 hours: agreement rescind or terminate and the unused period using cash refund for the remaining period including and damages (however, demonstrate the company or not the fault of the high In one case, we are not responsible for damages).

    In case of service suspension or failure due to the responsible reason of the company: Free extension of 3 times the service suspension or failure time.

    In case of service suspension or failure due to force majeure or illegal acts of a third party: The contract cannot be canceled, but the period of use is extended free of charge for the time of suspension or failure of the service.
Article 19. Provision of Information and Posting of Advertisements
  • 1. In operating the service, the company may post various information on the screen or provide it to members by e-mail or SNS.
  • 2. The company may post advertisements on service screens, e-mails , SNS, etc. in connection with the operation of the service.
  • It is entirely a matter between the member and the advertiser that a member communicates or makes a transaction by using advertisements posted on the service or participating in the advertiser's promotional activities through the service. In the event of a problem between the member and the advertiser, the member and the advertiser must directly resolve it, and the company does not take any responsibility in this regard.
Article 20. Obligations of The Company
  • 1. In order to provide a stable service, the company will repair or restore without delay unless there is an unavoidable reason in the event of a failure or damage to the facility .
  • 2. The company notifies and observes the “Personal Information Handling Policy” to protect member information.
  • 3. The company shall promptly process complaints from members related to the service, and if it is difficult to process promptly, the company shall notify the members of the reason and processing schedule using possible means.
Article 21. Obligations of Members
  • 1. Members must thoroughly manage their ID and password, and members themselves are responsible for all consequences arising from negligence of management and illegal use.
  • 2. Members shall not allow their ID and password to be used by a third party, and if the member's ID and password are stolen or recognized that a third party is using it, immediately notify the company and follow the guidance of the company. It must be followed.
Article 22. Notice to Members
  • 1. The company may notify the member of the rights and obligations necessary for the use of the service by a notice or an e-mail designated by the member.
  • 2. In the case of a notification to an unspecified number of members, the company can substitute individual notifications by posting them on the site.
Article 23. Protection and Use of Member Information
  • 1. The company collects member information of users in accordance with the “Personal Information Handling Policy” within the minimum scope necessary for the establishment and execution of the use contract by lawful and fair means.
  • 2. The company's “personal information handling policy” does not apply to other websites linked to the company (referring to websites not operated by the company).
  • 3. The company may provide the information when an administrative agency or an investigative agency requests access or submission of member information in accordance with related laws such as the Communications Secret Protection Act, the Information and Communications Network Utilization Promotion, and Information Protection Act.

    The company is not responsible for any member information exposed due to reasons attributable to the member.
  • 4. In principle, the company performs tasks such as handling and management of member information by itself. However, if necessary, the company may entrust some or all of these tasks to a company selected by the company, and handle and manage member information. In the case of consignment, it will be notified in the “Personal Information Handling Policy”.
  • 5. The company may classify members who have not logged in for more than 3 months as dormant members among members who do not have paid usage history.
    If a member classified as a dormant member does not request the dormant withdrawal, the account may be deleted, and the deleted account cannot be recovered.
    Deletion instructions for dormant accounts can be replaced by these Terms of Use.
Article 24. Termination of Contract and Restriction of Use
  • 1. If a member wishes to terminate the service use contract, the member himself/herself must apply for termination to the company online. Cancellation request can be made by sending the member's information to the operator via e-mail or      directly withdrawal from member withdrawal of member information modification in the site . At the same time as membership withdrawal, all data entered at the time of sign-up and data such as usage history will be collectively deleted.
  • 2. The company may terminate the service contract without prior notice or suspend the service use by a fixed period in case a member commits an act falling under the applicable terms of use and any of the following items.
  • 1) In case of stealing someone's ID and password.
  • 2) In case of illegal use of another person's name, ID and password.
  • 3) In case of intentional interference with service operation.
  • 4) In the event of an act that damages the honor or disadvantages of others.
  • 5) In case of infringement of the intellectual property rights of the company, other members or third parties.
  • 6) When the information obtained by using the company's service information is reproduced or distributed without prior consent of the company , or is used commercially.
  • 7) In case of violating the terms of use and related laws set by other companies, including these terms and conditions.
Article 25. Disclaimer
  • 1. If the company is unable to provide the service due to natural disasters or equivalent force majeure, the company is exempted from responsibility for the provision of the service.
  • 2. The company is not responsible for any obstacles in the use of the service due to reasons attributable to the member.
  • 3. The company is not obligated to intervene in the matters arising between members or between members and third parties through the service, and is not responsible for compensation for damages caused by this.
Article 26. Compensation for Damages
  • 1. For damages related to the use of services provided for a fee, the company shall compensate for damages by consulting with the member based on the amount of the service fee only if the company is responsible for the damages.
  • 2. If damage occurs to the company due to violating the provisions of these terms and conditions, the member who violates these terms and conditions must compensate the company for all damages incurred.
  • 3. Other compensation methods and procedures are in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.
Article 27. Jurisdiction and Governing Law
  • 1. Matters not specified in these terms and conditions are subject to relevant laws and business practices such as the Telecommunications Business Act.
  • 2. If a lawsuit is filed for a dispute arising from the use of the service, it will be under the jurisdiction of the district court having jurisdiction over the address of the company at the time of filing.
  • 3. When a lawsuit is filed for a dispute, the law of the Republic of Korea will be applied.
This Agreement will be effective from April 1, 2021
Personal information supervisor : Jong-chan Kim
Personal information manager : Jeong-hun Kim
Phone Number : +82.10.8944.7737
Privacy Policy Guide
'RADIX. Inc' (here in after "company") conforms to Privacy Protection Act, Protection of Communications Secrets Act, Telecommunications Business Act and Information Infrastructure Promotion Act and Information Protection Act.

With our privacy policy, company lets you know how and for what purposes one's private information are used, and what measures are taken for the protection of privacy.

The main policies in the privacy policy of 'RADIX' are as follows.

  • 1. Usage purposes of private information
  • 2. List of private information being handled
  • 3. Handling and storage period of private information
  • 4. Providing private information to a third party
  • 5. Referral of private information
  • 6. Authority and implementing methods of user and statutory representative
  • 7. Destruction of private information
  • 8. Details on installing/ operating of automatic private information collecting device and its rejection
  • 9. Private information security manager
  • 10. Securing safety of private information
  • 11. Changes on Privacy Policy
  • 12. Civil service on private information
This policy will be in effect from 1st Apr, 2021.
1. Usage Purposes of Private information
  • The company handles private information of users for the following purposes.
  • Implementation if contract on service provision and Settlement of fees contents provision according to service provision,
    purchasing and payment, personal verification, object delivery and sending.
  • Member management
  • Personal verification according to membership service usage, personal identification, prevention of member and unauthorized usage, confirming sign ups, age verification, handling of complaints, notification purposes
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • New service (product) development and specialization, event and advertorial information notification, educational product promotion, demographic-based service provision and advertisements, access frequency identification, and collecting statistics on service usage of members
  • Others
  • Limit sign up numbers, record conservation and other statistical data calculations
2. List of private information being handled
[General members]
  • Required items : email, password, name, country, address
  • private information collecting method: homepage (sign up, noticeboard, open noticeboard, etc.), documentation,
    sign up with telephone, fax, event entry, delivery request
  • Collection and usage denial of personal entity and notifying disadvantages following denial.
    Subjects may deny to agree in the items for collection and the collecting method by the company. Upon denial, part of membership service may be restricted for use.
3. Handling and storage period of private information
Handling and storage period of private information are as follows.
Storing items: Equivalent to processing items.
  • Grounds for storage: Access terms and privacy policy
  • Storage period: during the period of membership according to Contract for Use
  • However, when necessary to store private information according to related legislations, company will store information for a certain period as follows.
  • Record on indication/ advertisement: 6 months (Consumer Protection Act)
  • Record on contract or subscription withdrawal: 5 years (Consumer Protection Act)
  • Record on payment and supply of goods: 5 years (Consumer Protection Act)
  • Record on consumer complaint or conflict handling: 3 years (Consumer Protection Act)
  • Record on collection/processing of credit information and usage: 3 years (The Act on the Utilization and Protection of Credit Information)
  • Communications confirmation data according to Protection of Communications Secrets Act : 3 months
4. Providing private information to a third party
Company principally do not provide private information outside, except for:
  • When the users have agreed in advance
  • When according to the legal regulations provision is necessary, or when there is a request from investigating offices.
5. User and statutory representative authority and its implementation
A. User and statutory representative may request for the viewing/correction of private information whenever, on the following circumstances.
  • 1) Private information of user stored by the company
  • 2) Contents on the usage of private information of user or provision of private information of user to a third party by the company
  • 3) Details on the agreement on private information collection, usage, provision to the company
Users may view, correct their information from [My Page] – [Edit member information], in the company’s website by themselves. Users may also request for the viewing and correction of private information through documentation, phone calls, e-mails, and other means.
B: User and statutory representative may request for the suspension of private information handling.
C. User and statutory representative may always withdraw (membership cancellation) their agreement on the collection, usage and provision of private information when signing up as member.
Consent cancellation (membership cancellation) can be done in the [My Page] – [Edit member information] menu after self-verification, or you can contact privacy protection manager through documentation, phone calls, or e-mails individually. We will take necessary measures such as destroying private information of users.
6. Destruction of private information
When private information storage period has been elapsed, company will destroy personal information within 5 days from the termination date of storage period.
When the concerned private information becomes unnecessary due to the accomplishment of private information processing objectives, cancellation of the concerned service, termination of business and other reasons, company will destroy personal information within 5 days from the day it has become unnecessary.
However, the private information that should be stored for a certain period of time due to related legislations, it will be destroyed after storing for a certain period of time. The destruction procedure and methods are as follows.
  • Destruction Procedure
  • Even the private information storage time elapses, if the private information should be stored for a certain period of time due to related legislations, it should be moved to an individual DB, stored for a certain amount of time and then destroyed.
    (Documents should be stored in a storage box with separate lock).
    Private information stored in the individual DB should only be used for storage purposes according to related legislations and not for other purposes.
  • Destruction method
  • Private information saved in an electronic file format should be deleted by using a technical method for it to be not restored again.
  • Private information printed in a documented form should be destroyed through shredders or burnt.
7. Details on installing/ operating of automatic private information collecting device and its rejection
The company operated cookie and ‘Kollus Player’ that stores and finds information. Cookie is a very small text file on the server used or running company’s website sent to your browser.
It is saved to your computer hard disk.
Also, ‘Kollus Player’ refers to Media Delivery system, principally blocking illegal recordings of media assets, external leakage, screen-capture attempts.
Recording attempt software, User ID, recording attempt time and date, contents names are all stored in the server. Company uses Cookie and ‘Kollus Player’ for the following purposes.
  • Usage purpose of Cookie and others
  • Analysis on access frequencies and visiting times of users. Identify user taste and interests and trace tracks. Identify participation levels in all events and number of visits. Provide personally-customized services and target marketing.
  • Users have an option on the installation of cookie. Therefore, users can set options in their web browsers to allow all cookies or confirm whenever cookie is stored, or deny all storage of cookies.
  • How to deny cookie setting
  • Ex) One method to deny cookie setting is for the user to choose web browser option. User can allow all cookies or confirm whenever cookie is stored, or deny all storage of cookies.
  • Example of setting methods (Internet Explorer)
    Tools on the top of the web browser > Internet Option> private information
    However, when the user denied cookie installation, he may find difficulty in service provision.
8. Private information protection manager
The Company has private information protection manager as follows in order to handle complaints related to private information and to protect private information.
User may report to managing departments or the private information protection manager for civil complaints related to all privacy policy. The Company will promptly answer to the complaints of users.
9. Securing safety of private information
The Company has the following technical, managerial measures to secure safety so that the private information will not be lost, stole, leaked, changed or damaged.

1) Private information of users to encrypt their private information is protected by the password, and important data are protected through separate security functions such as encrypting file and sending data and using file locking functions.
2) Technical countermeasures to hacking and other attacks
The company is on a 24-hour watch to prevent leakage or damage of private information of users due to hacking or computer viruses. We are on a watch around the clock by installing system in authorized-only areas, and installing trespassing detection system, and using trespassing blocking devices. Also, we regularly update vaccine program to immediately use the vaccine when viruses show up, thus prevent private information infringement.
3) Access restriction of private information processing system
The company established standards on granting, changing, terminating access authority to private information handlers, and control password generation method, changing period and others, thus we take all necessary measures needed for access control.
4) Private Information handling employee training
Private information handling employee range is limited to the manager for minimizing authority, and regular trainings on the acquisition of new security technology and obligation on private information protection are implemented to manage access authority, thus we implement managerial countermeasures.

ID and password used by users will principally only be used by users.
The company will not take responsibility on the matters such as leakage of private information like ID and passwords, and basic dangers of the Internet.
Please have security consciousness to your passwords, change it often, and when logging in to a shared PC, please be cautious not to leak the private information.
10. Change on Privacy Policy
When revising the Privacy Policy, Company will notify of this through notification menu of the homepage, at least before 7 days.
11. Civil service on private information
In case of reports or consultation on other privacy infringements, please contact the below institutions.
  • Personal Dispute Mediation Committee (
  • Information Protection Board Certification Committee (
  • Supreme Public Prosecutors ' Office (
  • National Police Agency Cyber Terror Response Center(
Any details not regulated under this Privacy Policy will be applied with the Usage Terms in priority, within the range of related legislations.
Privacy Policy notification date: April 1, 2021
Privacy Policy Implementation date: April 1, 2021
Purpose Item Retention period
User identification and identification ID, name, password Until membership withdrawal
Notification of customer service use, user identification for CS response Contact (e-mail, mobile phone number) Until membership withdrawal