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-Please Click b11c3f0fb0fd38dbdaeecb3566a83c4b_1619147397_8342.PNG in the bottom right corner of the screen being watched, click b11c3f0fb0fd38dbdaeecb3566a83c4b_1619147398_8019.PNG

Yes, it is possible.
If you are a member who has already purchased paid content,
you can view it by accessing www.meawschool.com on your mobile/tablet and clicking the ”Watch the video” button.

“Points” refers to cyber money which is used like cash on meawschool.com

You can pay for lecture purchases and offline seminar registration fees.
With larger purchase, additional points may be paid to members.
It is not possible to arbitrarily increase the duration of the course that applies to all MEAWschool members.
You can check the viewing period on “My Page”.

MEAWschool complies with the Internet content business return standard (Fair Trade Commission Notice No. 2009-1).

Before using points
Within 7 days of purchase: transaction cancellation (full refund).
More than 7 days after purchase: Partial refund after deducting cancellation fee and penalty.

After using points
Cancellation fee + refund after deduction of course purchase details.

If 7 days have elapsed from the payment date, additional penalty is deducted.

- Bonus points received when purchasing points are not included in the refund amount. 

- Penalty: More than 7 days after service starts: 10% of the payment is deducted from the refund amount. 

- Lecture purchase details = List price of individual lectures X (Used lectures / All lectures). 

Please refer to MEAWschool’s “refund policy”. 

When issuing a receipt, the receipt from PG will be sent to the email entered at the time of payment.
(After payment, it may take up to 5 minutes to receive the receipt email).

For members who did not receive a receipt.
Please contact us by email.
Thank you.
Currently, our website does not support the "Safari" web browser.
We recommend you using Google's Chrome or Microsoft's Edge browser.
This is a policy created to protect copyrights, such as illegal sharing if ID is stolen.
In MEAWschool, the number of devices that can be watched by accessing the member's ID is one (It cannot be watched on more than one device at a time).
Sometimes, course registration may not be possible due to system error.

After payment approval from the payment institution (card company), send the approval number, payment date and time, and the name of the payer by “1:1 inquiry”, and we will process it within one business day.