Privacy Policy
'RADIX. Inc' (here in after "company") conforms to Privacy Protection Act, Protection of Communications Secrets Act, Telecommunications Business Act and Information Infrastructure Promotion Act and Information Protection Act.

With our privacy policy, company lets you know how and for what purposes one's private information are used, and what measures are taken for the protection of privacy.

The main policies in the privacy policy of 'RADIX' are as follows.

  • 1. Usage purposes of private information
  • 2. List of private information being handled
  • 3. Handling and storage period of private information
  • 4. Providing private information to a third party
  • 5. Referral of private information
  • 6. Authority and implementing methods of user and statutory representative
  • 7. Destruction of private information
  • 8. Details on installing/ operating of automatic private information collecting device and its rejection
  • 9. Private information security manager
  • 10. Securing safety of private information
  • 11. Changes on Privacy Policy
  • 12. Civil service on private information
This policy will be in effect from 1st Apr, 2021.
1. Usage Purposes of Private information
  • The company handles private information of users for the following purposes.
  • Implementation if contract on service provision and Settlement of fees contents provision according to service provision,
    purchasing and payment, personal verification, object delivery and sending.
  • Member management
  • Personal verification according to membership service usage, personal identification, prevention of member and unauthorized usage, confirming sign ups, age verification, handling of complaints, notification purposes
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • New service (product) development and specialization, event and advertorial information notification, educational product promotion, demographic-based service provision and advertisements, access frequency identification, and collecting statistics on service usage of members
  • Others
  • Limit sign up numbers, record conservation and other statistical data calculations
2. List of private information being handled
[General members]
  • Required items : email, password, name, country, address
  • private information collecting method: homepage (sign up, noticeboard, open noticeboard, etc.), documentation,
    sign up with telephone, fax, event entry, delivery request
  • Collection and usage denial of personal entity and notifying disadvantages following denial.
    Subjects may deny to agree in the items for collection and the collecting method by the company. Upon denial, part of membership service may be restricted for use.
3. Handling and storage period of private information
Handling and storage period of private information are as follows.
Storing items: Equivalent to processing items.
  • Grounds for storage: Access terms and privacy policy
  • Storage period: during the period of membership according to Contract for Use
  • However, when necessary to store private information according to related legislations, company will store information for a certain period as follows.
  • Record on indication/ advertisement: 6 months (Consumer Protection Act)
  • Record on contract or subscription withdrawal: 5 years (Consumer Protection Act)
  • Record on payment and supply of goods: 5 years (Consumer Protection Act)
  • Record on consumer complaint or conflict handling: 3 years (Consumer Protection Act)
  • Record on collection/processing of credit information and usage: 3 years (The Act on the Utilization and Protection of Credit Information)
  • Communications confirmation data according to Protection of Communications Secrets Act : 3 months
4. Providing private information to a third party
Company principally do not provide private information outside, except for:
  • When the users have agreed in advance
  • When according to the legal regulations provision is necessary, or when there is a request from investigating offices.
5. User and statutory representative authority and its implementation
A. User and statutory representative may request for the viewing/correction of private information whenever, on the following circumstances.
  • 1) Private information of user stored by the company
  • 2) Contents on the usage of private information of user or provision of private information of user to a third party by the company
  • 3) Details on the agreement on private information collection, usage, provision to the company
Users may view, correct their information from [My Page] – [Edit member information], in the company’s website by themselves. Users may also request for the viewing and correction of private information through documentation, phone calls, e-mails, and other means.
B: User and statutory representative may request for the suspension of private information handling.
C. User and statutory representative may always withdraw (membership cancellation) their agreement on the collection, usage and provision of private information when signing up as member.
Consent cancellation (membership cancellation) can be done in the [My Page] – [Edit member information] menu after self-verification, or you can contact privacy protection manager through documentation, phone calls, or e-mails individually. We will take necessary measures such as destroying private information of users.
6. Destruction of private information
When private information storage period has been elapsed, company will destroy personal information within 5 days from the termination date of storage period.
When the concerned private information becomes unnecessary due to the accomplishment of private information processing objectives, cancellation of the concerned service, termination of business and other reasons, company will destroy personal information within 5 days from the day it has become unnecessary.
However, the private information that should be stored for a certain period of time due to related legislations, it will be destroyed after storing for a certain period of time. The destruction procedure and methods are as follows.
  • Destruction Procedure
  • Even the private information storage time elapses, if the private information should be stored for a certain period of time due to related legislations, it should be moved to an individual DB, stored for a certain amount of time and then destroyed.
    (Documents should be stored in a storage box with separate lock).
    Private information stored in the individual DB should only be used for storage purposes according to related legislations and not for other purposes.
  • Destruction method
  • Private information saved in an electronic file format should be deleted by using a technical method for it to be not restored again.
  • Private information printed in a documented form should be destroyed through shredders or burnt.
7. Details on installing/ operating of automatic private information collecting device and its rejection
The company operated cookie and ‘Kollus Player’ that stores and finds information. Cookie is a very small text file on the server used or running company’s website sent to your browser.
It is saved to your computer hard disk.
Also, ‘Kollus Player’ refers to Media Delivery system, principally blocking illegal recordings of media assets, external leakage, screen-capture attempts.
Recording attempt software, User ID, recording attempt time and date, contents names are all stored in the server. Company uses Cookie and ‘Kollus Player’ for the following purposes.
  • Usage purpose of Cookie and others
  • Analysis on access frequencies and visiting times of users. Identify user taste and interests and trace tracks. Identify participation levels in all events and number of visits. Provide personally-customized services and target marketing.
  • Users have an option on the installation of cookie. Therefore, users can set options in their web browsers to allow all cookies or confirm whenever cookie is stored, or deny all storage of cookies.
  • How to deny cookie setting
  • Ex) One method to deny cookie setting is for the user to choose web browser option. User can allow all cookies or confirm whenever cookie is stored, or deny all storage of cookies.
  • Example of setting methods (Internet Explorer)
    Tools on the top of the web browser > Internet Option> private information
    However, when the user denied cookie installation, he may find difficulty in service provision.
8. Private information protection manager
The Company has private information protection manager as follows in order to handle complaints related to private information and to protect private information.
User may report to managing departments or the private information protection manager for civil complaints related to all privacy policy. The Company will promptly answer to the complaints of users.
9. Securing safety of private information
The Company has the following technical, managerial measures to secure safety so that the private information will not be lost, stole, leaked, changed or damaged.

1) Private information of users to encrypt their private information is protected by the password, and important data are protected through separate security functions such as encrypting file and sending data and using file locking functions.
2) Technical countermeasures to hacking and other attacks
The company is on a 24-hour watch to prevent leakage or damage of private information of users due to hacking or computer viruses. We are on a watch around the clock by installing system in authorized-only areas, and installing trespassing detection system, and using trespassing blocking devices. Also, we regularly update vaccine program to immediately use the vaccine when viruses show up, thus prevent private information infringement.
3) Access restriction of private information processing system
The company established standards on granting, changing, terminating access authority to private information handlers, and control password generation method, changing period and others, thus we take all necessary measures needed for access control.
4) Private Information handling employee training
Private information handling employee range is limited to the manager for minimizing authority, and regular trainings on the acquisition of new security technology and obligation on private information protection are implemented to manage access authority, thus we implement managerial countermeasures.

ID and password used by users will principally only be used by users.
The company will not take responsibility on the matters such as leakage of private information like ID and passwords, and basic dangers of the Internet.
Please have security consciousness to your passwords, change it often, and when logging in to a shared PC, please be cautious not to leak the private information.
10. Change on Privacy Policy
When revising the Privacy Policy, Company will notify of this through notification menu of the homepage, at least before 7 days.
11. Civil service on private information
In case of reports or consultation on other privacy infringements, please contact the below institutions.
  • Personal Dispute Mediation Committee (
  • Information Protection Board Certification Committee (
  • Supreme Public Prosecutors ' Office (
  • National Police Agency Cyber Terror Response Center(
Any details not regulated under this Privacy Policy will be applied with the Usage Terms in priority, within the range of related legislations.
Privacy Policy notification date: April 1, 2021
Privacy Policy Implementation date: April 1, 2021