Find an organizer for 5-day course

Find an organizer for 5-day course

Dear colleague

Hello, this is Jeonghun Kim, the manager of MEAWschool.

You may have gone through a frustrating and difficult time due to the corona virus, 

but we hope you are in good health at this time.

Due to the influence of the global pandemic, offline seminars have not been held during the past 

two years, but now entry restrictions in many countries are being relaxed.

The MEAWschool team hopes that the “5-day MEAW course” will be held in your country from the 

second half of 2022.

We look forward to hearing from those who are interested in hosting this course.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

(Please check the attached file for the course curriculum).

Best regards,

The MEAWschool team